Today’s News About Yesterday’s Record Low Mortgage Rates

by John Glynn September 29, 2011

Thanks for stopping by – This is a work in progress, so please feel free to jump in with me – any comments, feedback, or participation in the conversation is encouraged! You might want to want to sign up for email updates on the right, or subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!A few […]

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Are You Ready for the 3.XX% Mortgage?

by John Glynn September 22, 2011

You’re probably somewhat tired of hearing about the “all-time historical lows in mortgage rates”. Especially if you’re in the ‘mortgage hurt locker’ – trapped in an outdated (high) mortgage rate where if you want to refinance you’re required to make a whole new down payment just to get your loan balance in line with your […]

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Conforming Loan Limits – Expiring Or Extending?

by John Glynn September 15, 2011

Conforming loan limits are set for a change in just two weeks. This will impact Alameda County, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Marin and pretty much the entire Bay Area. If you’re in the conforming loan limit impact range, and have not done anything about it yet, it’s too late. There’s no way you’re going to […]

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Lego-Style Apartment Gives Domestic Transformer A Run For Its Money

by John Glynn September 2, 2011

If you saw last week’s installment of the Creative Real Estate series, I have little doubt you were short of amazed. The owner, who was an architect in Hong Kong, had devised a 24 room configuration for his 330 square foot apartment (I know!!!). Now, from Spain, we’re introduced to Christian Schallert, who has pulled […]

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Domestic Transformer – The Most Incredibly Flexible Living Space Ever?

by John Glynn August 26, 2011

This has to be the most incredible example of efficient use of living space of all time. I lived on the outskirts of San Francisco’s Chinatown for about 6 years, and I did pick up an appreciation for some that neighborhood’s ability to effectively utilize space and resources in general. But this Hong Kong architect […]

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Resetting ARM Loans and the Libor Index: heads-up!

by John Glynn August 22, 2011

If you took out a 5 year ARM loan just under 5 years ago, your rate is getting ready to ‘float to market’. In this environment, that’s a good thing. ARM loans are typically structured as 30 year loans with fixed rate periods of 3, 5, 7, or 10 year periods. At the end of […]

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“Half-There” Earth Home Featured In WSJ Luxury Real Estate

by John Glynn August 19, 2011

I’ve been to East Hampton, NY, and it’s quite a different world from here in the Bay Area, but this property struck me as something you’d be more likely to find here in the Bay Area than on the east coast. At the very least, it would fit in well enough. Here’s the latest in […]

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Creative Real Estate: Building Homes From Reclaimed Stuff

by John Glynn August 12, 2011

Dan Phillips has the distinction of being one of my heroes. I base it solely on this video – it’s all I know of him. But this video demonstrates such amazingly creative and interesting approaches to real estate construction. You have to watch it. Similar to the previous posts in our Creative Real Estate series, […]

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Happy Birthday, Mortgage Meltdown!

by John Glynn August 9, 2011

note to RSS and email readers: please forgive a prior send of this well before it’s final completion/edit… It’s rather amazing what is going on in the markets four years after the events that catalyzed the Mortgage Meltdown, which seemed to reach it’s critical point on or around August 9, 2007. That’s four years ago […]

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Here’s A New Idea – Grow Your Home (Filed Under: Ideas That Make The National Association Of Home Builders Do A Facepalm)

by John Glynn August 5, 2011

Just think – you could have your very own “Meat House” (yeah, just what it sounds like) complete with sphincter doors and windows. In the latest installment of our Friday ‘Creative Real Estate‘ series, take a look at a few innovative ways we could literally grow our houses. This is in line with last week’s […]

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