Domestic Transformer – The Most Incredibly Flexible Living Space Ever?

by John Glynn on August 26, 2011

This has to be the most incredible example of efficient use of living space of all time.

I lived on the outskirts of San Francisco’s Chinatown for about 6 years, and I did pick up an appreciation for some that neighborhood’s ability to effectively utilize space and resources in general. But this Hong Kong architect has taken the idea to an awesome extreme. If I said 330 square feet, and 24 rooms, does that make you kind of wonder?

You’ll simply need to watch this (4 minute) video. It’s our latest in the Creative Real Estate series.

YouTube Preview Image

The oddest part about it is that it appears that Chang has a significant amount of the space allocated for shelves containing what I believe are CDs. I have to think that he could rip those artifacts onto a hard drive and consolidate the collection to something about the size of two or three CD cases.

Those are some tight quarters – do you think you could handle that kind of living arrangement?

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