My Philosophy

I’m fascinated by markets, and I love people. My business practice lives right at the crossroads of these interests, and is designed to help teach people how to be smart about using money, and to understand how to effectively navigate the process of home financing with the resources they have available.

In one regard, I provide a commodity that is, at best, seen by many to be a necessary evil – a mortgage. But in another view, I see myself as a provider of the peace of mind that is essential for consumers to confidently and effectively tackle the process of buying a home. Generally considered to be the biggest transaction of their lives, the experience can be intensely emotional, and largely overwhelming.

In my perspective, this peace of mind is attained through a rigorous and subjective exploration of the numbers. Much of the process with my clients is centered around understanding the trade-offs and opportunity costs of the various decision points along the way.  I perform case-specific analysis to help establish a contextual framework, and then we explore that framework through the unique lens of the consumer and their particular situation. This often leads into issues related to legal, tax, estate and/or financial planning, and we’ll expand the discussion as needed to involve the appropriate professional advisors, ensuring that all objectives are being observed in the bigger picture.

If this sounds like a better experience than what you’ve had in this space, there’s good news: I take adoptions.

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