About the editor: John Glynn

With the exception of a four year run in Nashville, Tennessee, I am a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve lived in Marin, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. I like it here.

I studied economics and sociology at Vanderbilt University. I entered this field in 2002, after spending a few years in financial advice, technology, and marketing.

I support the idea of small local business and love the variety of food, craft and service you can find here in The Bay Area. While I consider myself fairly tight with the wallet, I’ve been known to over pay for something when it’s deserved. That’s very easy to do here.

I am open-minded, but also critical, have high expectations of people and of life, and really don’t care a whole lot for superficiality. You can think of me a cynical optimist. My biggest gripe about it here? I think the Bay Area would be a lot cooler if pedestrians here paid attention to traffic.

I still have occasional anxiety dreams about my 5 years as a paperboy, and a little less frequently about my 10th grade Advanced Anatomy & Physiology where I got terrible marks in cat dissection. An English teacher in High School (Calvin Tucker) taught me to love writing. I credit my parents for cultivating the love for reading that preceded it. I grew up a cat person (probably why dissecting one was so traumatic for me), but my wife really wanted a dog, so we compromised and wound up with two ‘barking cats’ (aka Chihuahua-ish mutts).  Consider me converted. I absolutely love ’em, but the bark is 100x more piercing than the bite.

Coming home to my kids can melt my heart on the coldest of days. I enjoy the heck out of being a dad.

I write my own bio.

I dislike writing bios in general.

My missed callings

Perhaps more appropriately referred to as interests, but I already said I’m an optiomist… future careers include: musician (drums, natch), artist (like, paint on canvas), professional snowboarder, professional photographer, professional bowler, t-shirt pedaler, Italian historian, or perhaps astronaut. I don’t know, we’ll see.

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